Ditch the Dad Bod 28 Day Online Challenge 

Ditch The Dad Bod

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Starts Mon 10 June 2019

I'm guessing that because you're here you've probably said something like this at some point:

  • "I haven't got time to exercise"
  • "I hate the gym"
  • "I haven't got enough space at home"
  • "I'm not sure what to do"
  • "I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works"
  • "I don't want to waste any more money"
  • "Kids, work, the dog... all take up too much of my time"
  • "I don't want to eat like a rabbit for the rest of my life"


This is EXACTLY the sort of stuff I used to say when I was sat working at a desk for 10 hours a day...

What if I told you that I could show you how to get back in shape with direct access to a seasoned professional who will personally guide you through your program so you stay motivated, on track and never feel confused?

Have you ever noticed that pretty much every gym in the land is jam packed with fellas pretending they know how to get back in shape while never actually looking like they're getting anywhere?

They tend to strut around randomly picking things up and putting them back down again while expelling the odd 'grunt' just to let you know they're in charge.

Take a look beyond those fellas though and you'll see an older, wiser guy calmly and intelligently getting the work done without bothering anyone and you'll notice how he just keeps on getting stronger and in better shape (and you secretly want to know how he does it)

I will show you how YOU can do the same and I will personally guide you through this challenge so you can start to trust yourself to STAY in shape.

Who Says Starting To Get Back In Shape Has To Take Over Your Life?  I'll Show You How To Incorporate An Effective Training Program Into Your Busy Lifestyle


  • Your kids don't find you all grumpy in the morning due to your new found energy (and better sleep)
  • Work is way less stressful than it used to be
  • That dick at work going on about their 10,000 steps doesn't annoy you any more
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    You can keep up with your kids when they want to run away from you, without coughing up a lung and coming close to a connery ('in' joke there)
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    You can jump pretty damn high when you need to High-Five a giant
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    You don't sweat as much so you can finally lift your arms up a bit
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    You can take your kids for 'shoulder rides' without throwing your back out meaning they watch less of that annoying crap on YouTube and spend more time with you​​​​
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    Which will make you the 'Greatest Daddy' and your wife will look at you in THAT way she used to before these little cherubs showed up
kettlebell bath

What's Included In The Online Challenge?

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    Four Week's Of Workouts: --> I know you're busy which is why I designed this so you can fit in short workouts during the busy weeks, should you find time you can do a longer workout. If you need to you can catch up at the weekend. All I ask is that you fit in 3 sessions per week for the four weeks.
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    Nutritional Help: -->  this is usually the hardest part which is why my online system will make it easy for you. Log in, enter your details and it will guide you towards the recipes that will suit you best. They're all normal everyday recipes so you can adjust your usual meals to speed up your progress.
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    Access to the 'Ditch the Dad Bod' Group: -->  doing challenges with friends is always easier (and more enjoyable). You and the other fellas will help to motivate each other via the Instant Messenger Group and there will be Weekly Live Q&A where we all get together and support each other. 
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    INCREASE your chance of success: -->  There's a prize for the winner of the 'Best Results' at the end... this truly is a challenge you'll want to win.

This program can be done at home

All you need is access to a kettlebell and the willingness to wield it with gusto (I will show you where to find one)

So What's The Cost Of This 28 Day Program?

This program is designed to get you back in shape without injuring yourself in the process (with my coaching and support throughout, as well as the support from the other guys 'in the trenches' with you ) so you aren't just following a workout at home alone

I will be with you through this entire program to make sure you reach your goal (which you will set before the program starts) and declare it in the group so the other guys can make sure you reach it

This way you are guaranteed to hit your goal by the end of the 28 days (if not before). And when I say guaranteed I mean GUARANTEED as in, if you follow the program and aren't happy with your results I will refund you every penny

All of this (and everything outlined above) costs only £49 for the entire program (including personal coaching from me, access to the Member's Area & Phone App, sign up to the Nutrition System and access to the messenger group where you can contact me at any time)

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How Is The Program Delivered?

Here's a behind the scenes preview to show you...

AND... you will have access to the WhatsApp Messenger Group where you can contact me and the other guys at any time throughout the challenge...

Here's What Ben Had To Say About The Challenge

"I’ll never shift this weight….why is what I’m doing not working….I keep getting injured….  All thoughts that were running through my mind before I decided to have a go at the 28 day ‘Ditch the Dad Bod’ challenge.

 My kid's rugby coach had tried it and seen great results.  I’d looked into what he’d been doing and found out about the Bath Kettlebell Society but wasn’t brave enough to try it, never had the time and I wasn’t around Bath a lot.  

 What changed? I found out I was going to a new job and needed to get some rid of some weight so I decided to try the online ‘Ditch the Dad Bod’ programme Peter was offering.  

 What I found was an easy and compact programme that I could fit around my day, backed up with an extensive digital library of how to do each move.  The mobility work included has made a real difference but the unexpected benefit was the goal setting, it really made me think about why I wasn’t achieving my targets and how to rectify it.  Managed through WhatsApp, Peter was always available to answer questions and by taking videos on my phone, technique feedback was quickly provided and my swing improved.        

 What really made the difference though was the competition of the challenge.  That little extra motivation led to me losing 5kg and 8cm off my waist in 28 days.  Everyone has noticed and it has changed my approach to how I train and manage my time.

 Give it a go, you might be surprised. "

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If it's results you're after... How about this...

This is from one of the guys who completed the  28 Day Challenge and continued with us afterwards

In Sept 2018 he was 113kg and 33.5% Body fat

 When he started the challenge on 18 Feb 2019 he was 106kg

7 weeks later he was weighing in at 98.8kg (below 100kg which is a big deal for him)

He's also now only 20% Body fat and has GAINED 4kg of Lean Mass (and at 41 years old this is a huge deal considering most guys will be losing lean mass at this age)

 So that's a 13.5% reduction in Body Fat!

If you're looking to drop a few pounds in a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE way while getting stronger and fitter with the support of a group of guys just like you then this is the challenge for you

Here's What Steve's Experience Was

"Where do I start? For £50, you've helped me achieve something that countless uninspiring Personal Trainers before you (all of which charged me a lot more than that) failed to do and that is to quite simply help me to make exercise a habit.

I've found something I enjoy & the 28 Day Challenge made it so easy, getting my gym gear on, walking down to the industrial estate and lifting a few KB's in the local Crossfit gym is now something I do 4 - 5 times a week, on autopilot. No questions - I know it's only an hour out of my day MAX (including the 10 min walk there and back) and it's fun! Don't even think twice about it now. 

You know I didn't join you to lose weight, but I have. However I'm a lot more defined, which is great. My shoulders look bigger, my moobs have shrunk and I have some semblance of of visible abs poking out.

Strength wise - this has been the most exciting. I started 'swinging' with a 12kg kettlebell. After 4 weeks, I'm now able to swing 32kg although for most workouts I'm sitting around 24kg. I can press 20KG over my head with one arm, something which I never thought I'd be able to do. 

The biggest benefit? Stress relief. I know when I haven't done my session, because anxiety creeps back in (I'm prone to it) and I'm easily irritated. If I take the time to do that 20 - 30 mins with the kettlebells, I'm nicer to be around, my interactions with people flow smoothly and I'm happier and calmer in myself.

I've loved it"

"What Happens After The Online Challenge?"

I'm glad you asked me that kind sir

Here's what I think of what goes on in the 'Fitness Industry' these days. You join a gym and some smiley young 20 something comes bounding over all full of the joy's of spring without a care in the world. No mortgage, no kids, no experience of life outside of where they grew up (last week). They mean well but you just haven't got the patience to listen... so you head over to the treadmill to stare at the wall for a bit and try to take your mind off whatever horrors today will add to the ever increasing weight on your tired shoulders...

If you do happen to indulge one of them you find yourself suddenly signed up to a couple of sessions a week costing you £40 a pop where they'll show you a few (if not all) of their random routines and count your reps for you while you have zero idea if this is working for you or not

I want to save you from ever having to experience this humiliation (you deserve better than that) which is why EVERY exercise you do inside the Online Challenge and beyond has a purpose.

It's not always plain sailing either, you have business meetings, train timetables (which in the UK are laughable), traffic jams and kid's puke to mop up at every twist and turn throughout your hectic lifestyle. You need a coach who knows what this feels like because he's been on the metaphorical 'Hamster Wheel' and knows it's difficult to get off without tumbling head over heels into a nice cool pint (or three... or four)

You need a coach who will be able to design you a program to FIT INTO your lifestyle rather than HIJACKING it by tearing you away from your wife and family to spend hours on end at the gym until you just decide to start cycling through your excuse bank wondering how many grandparents your trainer thinks you have left.

This is why, once the Online Challenge is finished I will be offering you the chance to join the

Invite Only STRONG DAD Online Program

This 3 month program will keep you focused on sustaining the results you've already achieved and build upon your success to keep you on track for the rest of your life

I will personally design you a program so there is zero guesswork making your results inevitable

Before you get all excited though I need to know the answer to one VERY important question :

---> Are you absolutely COMMITTED to  achieving life changing results?

If you can answer 'Yes' to that question then you'll be a good fit

If not then I couldn't possibly expect you to pay for a service you're not committed to using. I'm here to serve you and get you the results YOU want which is why I need your 'Buy In' before we start

This is why the Online Challenge will show to both of us that you actually want this and are prepared to put in the time and effort required

If you want a little more incentive though then how's this?

The winner of the 'Best Results' from the Online Challenge will get a free place on the 3 month STRONG DAD program (worth £447) and some cool 'clobber' from the BKS Store

Only 10 spots available and registration closes in...