Month: October 2018

“Brilliant Concept”

^^^ That’s what one of my mates said yesterday This is a guy who I know from a lot of the strength training courses and certifications over the years (so you could say he knows what he’s talking about) And he’s NAILS So when I posted a picture showing how the BKS Online Nutrition System …

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I Can Save You Time

Getting back in shape isn’t easy It took me 10 years of trial and error before I got any meaningful results and I want to help you avoid doing the same Which is why I made ==> THIS VIDEO yesterday and posted it into the private FB group It explains WHY you find it hard …

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I Think This Will Help You

If you need a hand with motivation, here’s something that I think you’ll find helpful It certainly works for me and the fellas I train Assuming you want to lose a few pounds while regaining your mobility and getting super strong in the process I shall answer these questions on your behalf (but obviously this …

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Are You On Facebook?

I’m about to go on a tiny rant… No doubt you’re on social media (if you’re not… good on you) I’ve only been a member of this world for a small number of years but find it a necessary evil as it’s a cool way to get across the ethos of how BKS works But …

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Lawyer F**ked Me

One of the best films ever made “You’re gonna fit right in. Everyone in here is innocent, you know that? Heywood, what you in here for?” “Didn’t do it. Lawyer f**ked me.” Can you name it? Yep… The Shawshank Redemption I love that film And this part in particular as it reminds me of how …

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