Month: July 2018

Put The Cherubs To Work

Who won? (He asked knowingly) Don’t feel down about it though… Cos I’ve just had yet ANOTHER great idea Here’s how to get even more work out of the kids (while you get to work on your strength and mobility) Same as yesterday And if you didn’t do this… get them to weed the garden …

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Careful Not To Fart

So by now the kids will gloating They’ll have beaten you at every challenge… But then they have yoof on their side so that’s expected right… However There’s no real reason why you shouldn’t be able to hold your own in these challenges Especially this next one Considering you don’t even have to move… ^^^ …

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You’re Amazing

Been reading books I have The one I’m on at the moment has hit me right between the eyes (so to speak) It’s called … ‘The Well Balanced Child’ Here’s a quick thing for you to consider When we go from being a baby to a toddler we go through the WHOLE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS in …

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I Was Initially Sceptical

I’m gonna let you in on a likkle secret I’ve had a knackered right shoulder for the last few weeks which means I can’t press anything above my head Which is thoroughly frustrating Cos pressing heavy stuff above your head makes you feel STRONG I’m VERY careful when I lift stuff (and I rarely get …

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I Had A Massive head

Believe it or not… Yesterday’s video wasn’t far from the truth I actually used to do timed workouts to get as sweaty as possible and lose weight And guess what… They worked… A little too well I got down to 9 1/2 stone… seriously … my head looked massive I was far too skinny Which …

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What NOT To Do

This’ll make you laugh… Probably cos it’s pretty much EXACTLY what I did And probably what you did too… Enjoy… HIIT Training For Beginners#functionalAF Posted by Peter Lant on Wednesday, 19 July 2017 Stay STRONG Peter p.s. I actually used to walk like that v v v v v

Six Weeks Off (woohoo)

I got something very special coming your way… Rather than type it all out To save me from RSI Here’s a quick video… This’ll make the School Holidays a LOT more bearable… School Holidays Six Weeks Off… How WIll You Cope?Have No Fear… Uncle Peter Is Here… Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Thursday, 12 …

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Look At His Cheeky Face

Just in case you miss my cheeky face… Here are a few videos from this week Just to keep you entertained (and informed) ==> I’m A Charlatan ==> Stop Comparing Yourself To Others ==> Already Had A Trainer So Just Need A Program ==> Six Weeks Is All You Need??? Enjoy Stay STRONG Peter p.s. …

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