Month: May 2018

Is This Even A Thing?

The Health Paradox… I made up that term but it makes perfect sense when you think about it If we eat well then what’s the point in doing exercise… you’re gonna lose weight anyway so that’s cool Or you could choose the alternative where you workout so you can eat an unhealthy diet ^^^ This …

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I’m gonna make an assumption… I’m assuming you still want to get in shape Now if you’ve already jumped on the BKS Free Fitness Challenge via the link below v v v ==> This Link Then you have nothing to worry about because by the end of June you’ll be a LOT fitter stronger and …


Do You Train Ladies?

^^^ I get asked that all the time The answer is YES… And I always use Claire as an example She’s NAILS And it all started with the FREE fitness challenge this time last year At the time she was swinging an 8kg bell and finding it tough But she’s stuck with it and made …

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I Slept In A Field

I had a load of messages over the weekend People telling me they were gutted for me cos I didn’t finish my 84 mile walk along Hadrian’s Wall Yep… I had to find a spot in a field and await the sunrise… If you sent me a message then THANK YOU But I’m not gutted… …

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