Month: April 2018

From The Brink Of Death

Over the years I’ve seen it all… I’ve listened to hundreds of fellas make excuses about why it’s harder for them to get in shape than ANYONE else… Why it’s different for them due to being genetically pre-disposed to being over weight (or some other such twaddle) So I thought I’d give you some examples …

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I’m Glad You Asked

How could I NOT show you this… This sums up the type of support you get by being part of the STRONG DAD Online Program This was from one of the fellas whom I had a ‘difficult’ conversation with last week Obviously I can’t go into the details but the conversation clearly had a positive …

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Make Me Eat My Words

There’s less than a week to go If you want to be part of the STRONG DAD program it starts NEXT MONDAY But before you apply… I wanted to show you this comment from a fella who unsubscribed last week “Not committed enough” ^^^ So this fella felt the need to tell me this as …

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Can You Do This?

Before you answer… I’ll answer for you YES you can If I’d have asked Jonny this questions a couple of years ago he would never have thought this was possible… Who’s Jonny? I’m glad you asked He’s the fella in the video below getting up from the floor holding a 32kg bell above his noggin …

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Juggling With Weights

Ever seen someone juggle kettlebells Well I got a likkle surprise for you… Not just one person but two… Myself and Russ chucking a bell at each other Don't try this at home folksRussell Brookman Posted by Peter Lant on Thursday, 19 April 2018 Not trying to impress you with this by the way… If …

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