Month: March 2018

No Quitters

Been a few slackers recently… Seems to be the time of year when everyone is demanding your attention And it’s the same for the folk here at BKS One of the crew has uncharacteristically missed a few sessions over the last couple of weeks Being pulled in all directions by a demanding family Sick kids …

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What Time Is It?

A friend of mine told me about this old couple a few years back She used to work in a Museum and she arrived for work on the Wednesday after the clocks had gone back… The old couple were standing there a bit bemused… So she asked if she could help They asked what time …

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Free Workout

“I just want a little routine that so I can switch off and get on with it” That has been said to me a lot over the years… which is probably why folk end up finding exercise gets boring after a few weeks There’s a few things wrong with this approach: 1) It’ll work for …

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Only A Couple Of Spots Left

So we’re gonna get some more snow apparently… that b*tch from the east is coming back… Again But that’s cool cos at least you won’t have the kids home from school again (saying as they’re off for Easter anyway) Which brings me to today… Friday… The ‘working from hammock’ day No doubt you’ll make a …

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Constant Lower Back Pain

“I don’t feel like I have to drag myself out of bed anymore I haven’t constantly got sore knees I can’t believe when I started I couldn’t even do a bodyweight squat It makes a massive difference to Normal Life” ^^^ These are a few snippets from a conversation with one of the BKS crew …

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