Month: January 2018

I Made This For You

What’s the most convenient thing you could think of to help you on your quest Something that you can carry with you wherever you go So you can keep track of how you’re doing (even when you don’t have WiFi) ^^^ Which makes some people get the shakes Something that shows you EXACTLY what to …

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Can You Start Tomorrow

Busy old day today so I’ll keep this short I’m just putting the Individual Programs together for my S T R O N G -> Dad Online program The movement assessments are done Just so I know where the guys are starting from Which means I can now put programs together based on their current …

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Where’s The Proof?

So where’s the proof? How do I know you are genuine? Who else have you helped to get in shape Avoid painful injuries And just become all round strong as fook… ^^^ Some of the things you might be thinking (or not) Either way… Here’s a video of some of the guys whom I’ve helped …

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How Much Should You Eat?

Can you eat this and still get in shape?… 🍕You see trainers posting pictures of Pizza Burgers Chips Tubs of Ice Cream… basically a load of ‘unhealthy’ food that they use to ‘prove’ you can still get in shape while eating crap… #bacon ^^^ Which is true by the way… 📋What they don’t show you …

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Men In Tights

So I was at the ballet on Saturday night Yep… The ballet… And it was Cinderella too… It’s alright though cos I checked yesterday and my knackers are still there 😉 Anyhoo… The ballet It was pretty damn impressive As well as it being a Matthew Bourne production… which has his own unique style… It …

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