Month: December 2017

What Day Is It?

So as I sit here in my pants cradling my belly and farting ^^^ Yes I did say that yesterday But one day rolls into the other at the moment What day is it anyway I’ve lost all track If only I had some sort of routine to stop me from going mental ^^^ Sounds …

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Is it me or is this the Looooooongest week I can’t wait to get back into it next week ^^^ The perks of loving what you do for a living And I don’t even mind the working outside In fact That’s one of my favourite parts That and the results the folks get ^^^ The …

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So we’re in the perineum of the week (look it up) (So to speak) It’s the middle of the week between Christmas and New Years Some call it #humpday ^^^ But I much prefer my version In fact let’s make it a thing Happy #perineumday ^^^ That should get some feathers flapping Anyhoo It’s boring …

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Did You Open It?

Did you get your present yesterday? If not then it’s probably still under the tree somewhere The tag must have fallen off It’s the REALLY badly wrapped one 😉 Anyhoo… You can start using it today if you really want to But I’m happy for you to wait until tomorrow ^^^ Although we All know …

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Your Present Inside

HAPPY CHRISTMAS Here’s a present for you… Just for being here THANKS ==> A COOL PRESENT Peter p.s. Is it too early for a glass of Champers? v v v v

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