Month: August 2017


‘HOW MUCH ??? ‘ That’s ridiculous… ^^^ Pretty much what I thought when I was in TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago… Buying a few cheap t-shirts for my jollies I was swiping through the rack to find summink among all the shite they sell in there… When I came across a T-Shirt that …

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What’s In It For You?

So what do you actually get For Free On the September Swing Challenge Which you can jump on by clicking this link v v v Well apart from having me coach you for a whole month And the help and support from everyone else on the challenge… Here’s a few of the things you …

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Sad News :(

So last week the BBC reported that –> FORTY Percent of 40-60 year olds don’t even manage a brisk 10 minute walk each MONTH ^^^ Which I find rather sad… It also said According to Public Health England that… Activity tails of at the age of 40 Which you’re probably kicking around at right dude… …

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What Are You Hiding From?

I’m gonna keep this one brief my man… Mainly cos you can find everything I’m about to tell you Right here v v v Anyhoo… Unless you’ve been under a rock lately You’ll already know that I’ve opened up the Swing Challenge again… So for the Whole Of September I’m inviting you onto a …

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Breaking News

New Flash… BKS Swing Challenge v v v Get involved… Anyhoo… Here’s your weekly dose of Daily Dynamite WITH A DIFFERENCE… This is a 5 part series Based on all of the lessons I learned from walking for 30 hours straight last weekend… So grab a cup of joe… And get some… #1   BIG …

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