Month: July 2017

Are You Selfish Enough?

How was your weekend? Did you get to do anything YOU wanted to do? Or were you ferrying the kids around to whatever activities they decided they ‘needed’ to be part of over the school holidays… ^^^ Busy time innit dude? Especially since you still have to work for a living… So you’re constantly doing …

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I’ve Been Censored

So next week… Just for you… I’m gonna do a ‘best of’ Daily Dynamite Cos while ALL of em have a message just for you… I want to make sure you get to see the ones that will have the biggest impact ^^^ The ones that will help you the most… But for now… Here …

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I Actually Tried This Once

Yep I get things wrong too Quite often But instead of doing the same thing and expecting a different result I stop and try something different Anyhoo Check this out for what NOT to do Peter p.s. What a numpty v v v

Tell Me

Wanna know a secret dude? The secret to getting exactly what you want… The fellas here at BKS know what it is… ANYONE who has ever completed anything successfully knows what it is… My coach says it to me all the time… And now I’m gonna say it to you… It’ll put you waaaaay ahead …

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Enough Is Enough

There’s a breaking point for us all dude… It’s probably why you’re here reading this right now… At some point in the past YOU decided That enough was enough… So you gave me your email address in return for a free program that would solve all of your problems What happened dude? As if I …

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Your Wait Is Over

No videos today my man I got something waaaay more pressing for you It’s this months BKSIC The online Inner Circle program for members only The guys can’t wait for this one (and I’m inviting you to join them) Here’s what’s inside this month – How to make yourself stronger EVERYWHERE – A slightly different …

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Confused Or Curious?

Confusion everywhere… What’s the best thing to eat in the morning? To stop me from getting hungry again… Well Here’s a quick video to help you… This recipe literally takes seconds to make And if you don’t like it… At least the video will make you piss yourself laughing And we all need that 🙂 …

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