Month: June 2017

How Long Does It Take?

Be afraid VERY afraid… What fillum is that from? ^^^ and it’s not Aliens (unlucky) Anyhoo… Fear is a funny thing You may not ‘feel’ it But it will be there… It’s why we’re all obsessed with losing weight and getting fitter… NOW TODAY Rather than making it part of every day life Let me …

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Ooohh Yes

Went to see Churchill last week Not to renew my car insurance ^^^ Cos I haven’t got a car I’m of course talking about the factually incorrect fillum about the ‘real’ Winston Churchill Here’s a fella who had captured the spirit of the nation during WWII But he still doubted himself every day (according to …

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Fancy A Laugh?

This is the kind of thing you can expect here at BKS Hee-larious Strength Matters Bath ChronicleIt would seem #bathkettlebellsociety has gone global…These ladies are all over 60 and have better movement than most of the UK population…Love it#alldaystrong #everydayathlete Posted by Peter Lant on Thursday, 22 June 2017 Peter p.s. If you want in …

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Got A Few Minutes?

It’s Sundaaaaayyyy The day of rest apparently… Are you resting? Good Then pull up some floor Grab a coffee And get stuck into this week’s Daily Dynamite v v v v v Ep # 55   I Nearly Quit Ep # 56   We’re Saving Lives Ep # 57   Why Cardio? Ep # 58 …

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