Month: May 2017

Well This Is Embarrassing

It’s almost at the end… No more after this… ^^^ Well that’s probably what the guys thought at the start… Of the May Swing Challenge But now they know they will continue… Because it works… I’m about to blush now cos here’s what a couple of em had to say about it… ============================= ” A …

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Shame On You

Ooooh the shame… Shame shame shame You didn’t lose a pound so you’ve failed… A little glimpse into a slimming world meeting there for you ^^^ Or at least that’s what the individual may think when they haven’t lost any weight this week… So you don’t go (you hide away until next week) Even though …

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Wanna See Summink Funny?

It’s here again… Time for some Daily Dynamite… You’ve missed loads this week my lad… I even show a bit of flesh on one of em… Lucky you v v v Episode #36 What’s the secret? Episode #37 What you looking at? Episode #38 I’ve lost all my strength Episode #39 Geordies divven’t dee sunshine …

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Months Of Heartache

Finally… After months of stress… Swearing Slapping Tapping And getting rather annoyed… I’ve got a new phone… The screen was knackered on my old one… But I just thought I’d live with it… Until it really started to annoy me… All that stress and heartache over a portable phone When all I had to do …

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Y’Alright :)

Quick one today… Just cos I want to know what you want… So what’s your biggest struggle with your health and fitness at the moment… What’s stopping you from starting? I’m here to help Peter p.s. If you can’t think of anything then here’s where you need to go CLICK HERE to get your FREE …

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