Month: March 2017

Not Sorry

If you want to hear today’s daily grumble… You’ll have to go here dude I’m too tired to write after the last few days… And I got a bunch of session to deliver and catch up on… Been up at 5 every day this week So no apologies… I’m tired Shit happens Go here and …

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More = Better?

Short one today dude… Am knackered after spending an FULL day yesterday getting my head around what’s gonna happen over the next 90 days With my businesses My relationships Fitness And my mindset (which has the potential to stop me in my tracks) Got to keep your mindset in check dude If you don’t then …

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You Want Proof?

What’s the point? It’s all well and good for you to tell me what to do But where’s the evidence? ^^^ That’s YOU talking to me by the way Just in case you were confused Here’s the thing though I’m currently in sunny South Shields With my coach and a bunch of other guys striving …

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Success is a funny thing You reach a goal… then what? What happens next Do you STOP? Do you maintain your current situation? Or do you keep going… You’ve already got better at something so why not keep progressing This is how Paul looks at things He’s already lost 7 stone He’s completed a half …

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