2017 is OVER [start again next year]

What happened?

At the beginning of the year you were saying
this will be YOUR year

^^^ Or not

Doesn’t really matter does it…

How many fellas do you see out there now…

Still shouting about how this will be their

Not that many (if ANY)


Cos they gave up months ago

They’ll start again in 2018 (if they can be

It’s the same as always starting Monday

^^^ ‘cept the annual thing is more costly in
terms of mental energy

THIS is why I find it best to look at the
year as small chunks…

What are you gonna do in the next 90 days to
improve your





What are you gonna do in the next 30 days to
make sure you hit you 90 day goals…

And what are you gonna do TODAY…

See the first quarter is almost at an end…

Time to look back over it and reflect

Did you do what you said you would do?

If not WHY not?

^^^ Is it true why you didn’t

Or did you just lose momentum

Were you relying on willpower to FORCE you to
get what you want

—> If you haven’t realised it already dude

^^^ Willpower doesn’t work

It’s a way of lying to yourself

Teling yourself that you can continue to do
things you HATE

To get what you THINK you want

But if you wanted it that badly why would it
be so hard…

Time to think about what you actually DO want

If you don’t spend time on this then you’ll
continue to forge ahead

Relying on willpower to push you in a
direction you care nothing about

Until you give up again…

Will you spend time on this?

If you have no idea how to even get started
then I have just the thing

On the 8 April I will be standing in front of
a room full of fellas and helping them get

Clear on what they want from the next 90 days

And SHOWING them how to make sure it happens

Regardless of willpower…

It’s why I’m still here (and didn’t give up
half way through January like everyone else)

Wanna be part of it?



p.s. If you’re happy to just keep reading
these emails and wait to hear what happened
to the fellas who do step up…

Then you might want to consider why you’re
here dude

Just saying





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