Month: September 2016

Message From Fat Chap

Slightly different today dude… I want you to watch THIS video v v v Then click THIS link v v v Once you’ve heard what Fat Chap had to say Peter p.s. If you didn’t even bother to watch the video then you’ve just missed the formula I use to get a load of …

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Do You Procrastinate?

So how are you gonna show up in the last 3 months of the year… Did you promise to lose the jelly belly by summer?… How did that go… Did you leave it til the very last minute and realise there was no time left?… Happens to all of us dude… You give yourself a …

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Email From Mark

I got a message from Mark last week… He’s one of the guys doing the online program… 3 weeks in and he’s already starting to feel the benefits… He started from scratch (which is why this program is so effective – you need ZERO prior experience)… He’s followed the program to the letter… He’s posted …

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What A Douche Bag

Let me explain… I was at a seminar type thingy a while back set up by the gym I worked out of… There were two speakers… One was a guy who knew his sht about training… The other was a bit of a douche… Here’s why… He’d travelled from the states to talk to a …

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