Month: August 2016

He Lost 20kg In 4 Months

Did you listen to Paul yesterday… If not then I suggest you do (he’s an inspirational man)… And I’ve told him so (cos I appreciate every fella that comes along here)… ^^^ and I tell em that often… Anyhoo… This brings me onto something I read a few weeks back… Which is something I realised …

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Do You Know Paul?

Today I’m gonna let Paul do all the talking… He’s Mr Rugby Tots (look em up)… He’s a top chap as you can see from this video… Peter p.s. He’s also lost 20kg in weight since he joined 4 months ago… If you want summa that then just hit the the link v v …

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I Give Up

What a shit week… I’ve been so demotivated it’s untrue… I’ve neglected my exercise… I had a mate to visit so we went out and got pissed… Which resulted in me getting nothing done for 2 full days… On Thursday I felt too rough to do ANYTHING… I didn’t do ANY exercise cos I couldn’t …

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