Month: July 2016

My Secret Habit

Ever get to work already stressed?… You got so much to do that you don’t know where to start… So you grab a coffee and a bacon sarney… Check a few emails (oops) < — more work on top of what you already have… So you go grab another coffee before you knuckle down to …

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I’ve Been Evicted

From my own house… Ok it’s not all that bad… You know when you’re expecting someone and they turn up late… ^^^ That’s bad right… What’s also bad is when they turn up early… Like my cleaners who turn up whenever they like… We had a slot booked in for 9.30… And they started turning …

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How Much Is It?

Had a fair few applications over the last couple of weeks… And it would seem I’m not doing my job properly… So let me clear a few things up… This is not another pay as you go bootcamp… I’m NOT just getting folk to do a few star jumps in the park… There’s plenty of …

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