Month: April 2016

This’ll Learn Ya

Here’s a little lesson for you… And I’ve said this many a time before… But this week I backed it up again… Now I went balls to the wall for 3 days… One day of huge physical exertion that pushed me to my limits (I ached ALL OVER for 4 days afterwards)… Another day of …

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Stop It

STOP IT… Right now… Just STOP… I almost said that to this guy when he was talking to me… But instead I went with…      ‘ How’s that working for you? ‘ This was a guy who told me he wanted a six pack… And good on him (we all need a little wind …

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What’s Your Answer?

How much time do you waste on Farcebook in a day… ^^^ Just have a think about that for a moment my man… It’s weird how you can just have a quick look at something on there… Then 30 minutes has passed you by… And the thing you were looking for has disappeared anyway… It’s …

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What The Fook Is Going on?

What the fook is going on with 2016?… Everyone is dying… ‘Cept Keith Richards… What’s all that about then eh?… So the latest one to go is Prince… ^^^ Didn’t see that one coming… At least he’ll be able to borrow some of Ronnie Corbett’s clothes though 😉 Now Prince seems to have been in …

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