Month: March 2016

Steve The Splitter

We don’t get many people who leave… But when they do I can’t help feeling a little sad… Like when Steve told me he was going to have to cancel his membership… He’d got a new job in Bristol and couldn’t fit the sessions around it… –> And he didn’t have to give no 4 …

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Banned From The Pub

Story in the local press this week… One of the pubs in town has banned e-cigarettes… Shock horror… It’s not like it’s the first pub in Bath to do this… Apparently they’re concerned for the health of their patrons… Which sparked this comment from a reader on Farcebook… ” If you really care about people’s …

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I Shall Say This Only Once

So I had a message from an unsubscriber yesterday… Apparently I keep repeating myself… Here’s what he said ‘Wasn’t finding the message helpful and somewhat repetitive’ So apparently I keep repeating myself… Well there is a reason for that This health and fitness malarkey isn’t actually that hard… If you want me to go further …

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We’ve Been Preparing For This

Look around you and what do you see?… Zombies everywhere… People have been preparing for this invasion for years… But what they haven’t realised is that it’s already happened… Right under our noses and we missed it… Seriously… Next time you’re in a queue anywhere (and in this country that’s everywhere)… Have a look around …

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Message From Darren

Got this message from my man Darren… I wrote a quick post in the Private Facebook group cos the guys have been doing particularly well and it doesn’t hurt to let em know this… ^^^ You get access to this when you get on the 14 day trail by the way CLICK HERE to find …

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What Are You Looking At?

How do you feel today my man?… Good?… Bad?… Indifferent?… Do you know why?… What the fook am I on about?… Think about it for a minute though… You know when you’re having a good day… You can be walking through town and people seem to smile at you from all angles… You’re projecting these …

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