20 Years of Lethargy

How do YOU judge strength

I find this a fascinating question

Mainly because the fellas who come to BKS think differently about
strength than they did when they first started

As I did a few years back

I was always weak as a kid

I was weak as an adult

And it made everything more challenging (both mentally and

Ever heard the saying

‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’

^^^ I can’t remember who said that

It makes perfect sense though…

I used to do ZERO exercise

Felt knackered every single morning

Dragged myself out of bed to go to work

Did as much as I could as fast as I could knowing I was gonna be
useless after 11am when I wanted to just go to sleep

I’d get home and sit on the sofa ALL NIGHT

Then go to bed and have a rubbish night’s sleep

This fed into my weekends when I wanted to do stuff but couldn’t
be bothered… so I’d just get pissed instead


That was basically my Teens, 20s and most of my 30s (quite a long
time that)

^^^ It’s also what my Dad used to do (wonder where I got the
influence from)

When I was 25 years old I decided to get in shape (but I had no
clue how to do it)

It wasn’t until I was 35 that I actually started to LEARN how to
exercise effectively to make me stronger and give me more energy

When this happened it changed EVRYTHING

I became more alert

Was more focused

Got things DONE…

It gave me the energy to work hard without burning me out… so I
could enjoy my weekends without sedating with booze to help me

This is why i’m able to help you dude… it’s why I do what I

Ten years ago… being responsible for getting hundreds of fellas
back in shape was waaay beyond my capability (especially
considering I couldn’t even do it for myself)

^^^ It doesn’t happen over night dude…

And it’s also WAY harder to do it on your own…

I’ve had tons of coaches and mentors over the last 10 years
who’ve SHOWN me how to do EVERYTHING effectively by just getting

You get that ONE THING… and that quote above kicks in

It permeates through your life making everything easier

Stress becomes easier to manage

Problems easier to solve

The kids don’t piss you off as much when they’re full of energy
and you’re not

You break the cycle of lethargy and become the fella who’s IN
CHARGE of his own time

I didn’t believe this 10 years ago and if I were in your position
right now I would have thought I was full of BS

But when I started to realise that this was the right thing to do
(for my sanity)

The right thing to do so I could take back control of my life

Everything started to fall into place (almost automatically)

And it all started with getting back in shape

Which is why I want to help YOU do the same dude

I’m gonna make it EVEN easier for you though

By making a pledge… if you apply for the STRONG DAD program and
it ISN’T everything I promise it to be…

If you follow it (with my guidance) and the help of the other
fellas and you aren’t satisfied with your results

I’ll refund EVERY PENNY…

So do the right thing dude

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. If you think this is all a load of BS

As I would have done back in the day

Then you can unsubscribe down there v v v





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