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Click here to start your 14 day trial of BKS. Its only £30 and if its not for you? I'll refund every penny. 

I'll either call or text you to welcome you aboard & answer any questions. I'll also add you into our BKS Inner Circle Facebook group. 

You'll meet me and the team at your first session in the park. I'll also personalise everything to get you off to the best start.  

Don't live in Bath or can't make the 'in-person' sessions? Why not try the BKS  28 Day Online Challenge Here.

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No worries. Instead why not download my 101 best kettlebell workouts book so you can get started at home?

Before I started my concern was that Kettlebells might lack a bit of variety (I was totally new to it) but Peter taught me a range of exercises during the 14 day trial. His expert knowledge and patience made for a fun experience...in just two weeks I feel a lot stronger and I'm moving with better posture.

The sessions really do work and you get to do it with a friendly bunch of people in beautiful Victoria Park! I can totally recommend it!

​Chris Fountain, Bath

I have been training with the Bath Kettlebell Society for 18 months now and I have made huge progress with my strength, mobility and fitness. Pete has been a massive help with this as he combines his knowledge of Kettlebell's and other aspects perfectly. Rain or shine we train in the park which is perfect for me as I spend most of my day inside. There are many time sessions available but I find the morning ones set me up for the day! I would recommend this for everyone it's a joy!

Russel Brookman, Bath

I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to manage, given a total lack of exercise over the past few years. But I was surprised how fast I was able to learn and how quickly I could see results. The video tutorials are easy to follow and accessible and - most importantly for me - can be fitted around a busy schedule. Peter and the other BKS guys are supportive and make you feel welcome. Peter really knows his stuff and is quick to help with the more tricky aspects. If you're wondering about doing this, I'd say give it a try and you won't regret it.

Will Nichols, Bath

Why BKS Is Different

#1 We Use Kettlebells

If you want to improve your fitness, get stronger and lose inches in the shortest time possible then kettlebells are your best friend. Why? traditionally if you want to gain muscle you'd lift weights. Then do some cardio to improve your fitness. Then do some stretching so you don't get stiff. That could easily take 5hrs or more per week. Kettlebells are unique because they improve your fitness, build strength/muscle and improve your mobility all in one exercise. Which is why in WWII kettlebells were the only exercise the Soviet Military got their soldiers to do. Skeptical? You can read more about the science here

#2 We Train Outside

You probably spend a lot of your time indoors, am I right? Between sleeping, commuting to/from work, sitting at a desk etc a lot of your day is easily spent inside. Yet being outdoors more, especially being physically active outdoors, is proven to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and even improve mild to moderate depression. Which is why we train outside so that you not only improve physically but also mentally. Skeptical? Check out this article about being outdoors on the Mind.org.uk website.  

#3 Everything Is Personalised For You

You're an individual. You've likely got a different lifestyle to other guys, different injuries or niggles, different food preferences, different requirements all round. Which is why we personalise everything at BKS. Even though we train in small groups you still get coached 1-on-1 on training technique, we personalise your nutrition, you get access to my personal whatsapp for support and more. 

#4 You'll Be Part Of A Tribe

We train in small groups so you'll be surrounded by fellas who are just like you: hectic lifestyle and wanting to get back in shape. There's power in numbers which means you'll have fun, you'll make new friends/connections and all of that means motivation comes naturally. But don't worry, even though we train in small groups you'll still get all the personal guidance/attention you need to progress every single session. 

Or if you can't attend the 'in-person' sessions? Why not try the BKS 28 Day Online Challenge Here.

Met up with Peter at O'my God O'clock in the morning in Green Park for a refresher session and it turned into one of the best kettlebell sessions that my wife and I had.
Peter was as usual his chirpy self and got us straight down to work with some mixed weight kettlebells.
He also included quite a few stretches and twists to our already seasoned routines.
Not only did Peter sort out some of our Bad Habits we have picked up but he added a whole new routine for us both to try, which we have done at least twice, together now.
We were at Green Park for an hour and came away both exhausted and satisfied from a Brilliant session.
I would highly recommend a session with Peter if you haven't already had one.

Colin Bell, Bath

Perfect class for me. Nice bunch of lads, lots of attention and support from Pete. Challenging but without pushing past breaking point.

Dan Flit, Bath

 I was looking for something to help with my general level of fitness which, at 42 years of age left was something of a concern to me. I have heard good things about Peter's approach to building fitness and strength and, having taken the 2 week trial and now having signed up as a full member, these proved to be correct. I have to be honest that initially I had few doubts about about how effective and enjoyable the sessions would be, but even at 7am in the morning the sessions are varied and already are having some very positive effects both physically and mentally - I think the outdoor setting contributes significantly to this. I start the day feeling good about myself and Peter is always encouraging and runs varied sessions based around the individual. The peer and online support is also great which for a novice like me was very important. If you have any doubts I would certainly recommend speaking with Peter and giving the 2 week trial a go.

David Voss, Bath

About The BKS Team.

Peter Lant, PT, SFG2, OS1, FMS2

Certified PT, Certified StrongFirst Instructor

Pete was overweight & unhealthy for 10 years. He'd tried running and all the traditional methods but never really found success. At age 35 he decided he'd had enough and was determined to figure out this "fitness thing" once and for all. He knew he didn't enjoy the gym so started learning about minimalist ways to get the most results from the least effort. Thankfully it worked because soon after he got made redundant from his desk-job. Thats when he decided to dedicate his life to teaching other guys how to get back in shape using his minimalist methods so that fitness doesn't take over your life. His philosophy is about "doing what needs to be done" and nothing more. Whilst he does help fellas get leaner, stronger & fitter in less time Pete is also mindful of longevity which is why his clients always feel better & strong after their sessions with him. 

Mike Sweeney, UK RD, Sports Nutritionist

UK Registered Dietitian, Sports Performance Nutritionist

Mike started in sports science working with athletes from multiple disciplines helping them improve their performance with evidence based nutrition. Some notable achievements include delivering nutrition seminars for the British Swimming Association, helping powerlifters break regional records and helping cyclists break into the UK top 10. He then trained as a clinical dietitian and worked at the NHS for 4 years. There he spent his time helping people manage their clinical conditions (such as IBS, diabetes, obesity, etc) using evidence based nutrition. More recently Mike works freelance and spends his time building tools, systems & education to help move the fitness industry forwards. Part of this work includes helping BKS deliver highly effective, minimally effort-full & evidence based nutrition & coaching practices that produce results.  

Or if you can't attend the 'in-person' sessions? Why not try the BKS 28 Day Online Challenge Here.


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Paul Lam 100 Snatches 20kg (6/7/18)

Chris Fountain 100 Snatches 20kg (20/8/18)

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