It’s Time To Forget About Wanting To Be Ripped & Get Real 
  What You REALLY Want Is To Be Strong & Lean  
  Ripped Is For Posers  

2 weeks is all you need to discover that BEING strong and lean is better than LOOKING like you are.

On our 2 week Zero to Hero trial you will lose up to 4kg with my simple nutrition guide and 3 session per week to start you on your path to superior strength & fitness

Give me your email address and I’ll also send you a free digital copy of my 7-4-7 Kickstarter Blueprint - 7 Steps To Losing 4lb In The Next 7 Days

Ditch the busy gym that’s wasted all your time and money and hasn’t worked for you anyway. I’ll show you how to train smarter so you lose the jelly belly and get that solid body you’ve chased for years (and I won’t make you wear a tiny vest either) nobody wants to see your nipples my man

You’re not in your 20s any more so stop training like you are. Beating yourself into submission EVERY SESSION is getting you nowhere. You need to train with a purpose so you can keep track of your increasing manliness

You will get older but it'll happen a damn site faster if you don’t do something now. I'll help you lose body fat and build stronger bones to make sure you don’t become an old fart any time soon

Become strong in mind as well as body so you can still hold a normal conversation without having to tell people how much you can lift every 5 minutes

The zero to hero training system


I was EXACTLY where you are right now.

So what do you do?

Well you joined a gym and got distracted by all the ripped guys with their nipples poking out of their vests while flexing and grunting in your earhole (which isn’t exactly motivational & is terribly off-putting)

You could start running (again) and maybe decide to do a half marathon (again). That way you’ve signed yourself up to months of tedious runs that’ll get you precisely nowhere (unless you want to become really skinny?)


You could become a Superhero

I’m serious

The zero to hero training system was created for guys exactly like you.

You don’t give a toss about 6 packs (unless it’s beer). The last thing you want is to get dragged into a gun show. Why bother? You're not compensating for anything right?

You want REAL STRENGTH so you look and feel like a superhero without people thinking you're a tool

If you really want to be ripped then just wear a smaller t-shirt - it’s that simple.

But if you want to become stronger, fitter, faster & harder than you’ve ever been (and still be taken seriously)

Then you’re going to need to lose the jublies and get strong my friend

If you’re still not sure you have the balls to become one of us then I suggest you check out what happened to some of the former zeros below

I was looking to get some regular exercise, get fitter, thinner & stronger but have a laugh whilst doing it. Every session is different so it makes it interesting & enjoyable every time. The professionalism, personal support, help and encouragement are vital. I wanted to lose weight and get stronger but was concerned that I might not have the ability to do the exercises. I have lost weight, got stronger, got more flexible, made new friends & had fun whilst getting fitter which has made me very happy. BKS is a group of blokes who are wanting to get fit and make it work within a typical working day. It is 100 times better than a gym membership, it gives you realistic challenges and is expertly run. 

Ant (Sales Manager)

Bath Kettlebell Society is excellent. The sessions are varied, challenging, fun and rewarding. Peter is a great coach, he challenges gently on all aspects of technique, motivation and focus. He also helps with nutritional and dietary advice. I have enjoyed the last 6 months of exercising with BKS more than any other form of exercise. BKS has given me the desire and knowledge to stay fit and strong for the rest of my life. I like the outside session and explanations of how the exercises work. Before starting I was worried I would be intimidated by the group. I thought I might hold the group back & wouldn’t be strong enough. When I first started I wanted to increase my fitness & strength. So far I feel stronger, fitter & more positive. I have a better understanding of my body and feel happier.

Steve (Risk manager)

I was concerned that I might not stick with it or get bored and stop like I have in the past. I was also concerned that it wouldn’t be good value for money. I wanted to get fitter so I didn’t get out of breath walking up the stairs. I also wanted to put on muscle without losing weight. So far I feel stronger and my body is starting to change shape (in a good way). My long standing neck and back ache is much improved and I feel better about myself.

Jonny (Urban Designer)

I tried all sorts of diets and training before but they never seemed to work unless I starved myself and did lots of cardio which made my body ache everywhere. My goal was to lose 3 stones as I decided I was overweight which made me feel bad about myself. I have lost almost 2 stones in 3 months and I feel fitter and stronger than ever. Peter specifies the training sessions to my needs keeping progress continuous. I didn't think kettlebell and suspension training would be any good for my purposes, I was proven wrong. The exercise is fun and works the whole body. I have better self confidence and can fit into my favourite clothes again. Peter is passionate and polite and I feel much better since we started working together. I have learnt a lot about nutrition which will help me for the rest of my life.

Krisz (Accountant)

I was slightly worried that I would get bored as it at first appears quite simple and that I would get to the point where I could just use bells at home without needing to come along. However, I realised that there is a lot more to it than I thought, although what you are really buying is the motivation - most people will only really push themselves with a PT and in a like minded group - most of us struggle to motivate at home! I'm fairly skinny, so was not too bothered about losing weight. I cycle a lot so legs are in OK shape too. Main goals were to tone up the 'dad podge' around the belly and to increase my upper body strength. I have increased my strength significantly, and become more toned all round. Never really did many weights before - not in any structured way anyway. Mobility has also improved, particularly squats and that type of movement. This combines well with yoga. The main strength of BKS is the people. Peter is a great coach - very thoughtful, focused on the individual needs of his clients, and always enthusiastic. The other guys are also great to be around.

Andy (Consulting Engineer)

I sit at my desk far too long and other than a little tennis, squash and football live a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I asked Peter to help reduce my chances of getting back, neck and shoulder pain in years to come due to all this sitting at a desk. He helps me by working my core and working those muscles other exercises can't reach. I've been very impressed with my progress these last 6 months. The small group gives you lots of 1 on 1 time with Peter, group camaraderie and a social element. All in all very pleased and happy to recommend the taster / trial sessions. Bring a friend and add to the social buzz!

Jerime (IFA)

Diverse team of all shapes and sizes 

  • 3 x 60 minute man making sessions per week to boost your strength & fitness and make you solid so you can handle anything
  • Easy to follow nutrition guide that doesn't take hours to read and implement
  • Access to our MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group with DAILY support from our team of fellas who know EXACTLY where you're at right now (cos they've all been there)
  • Progress in every session so you leave feeling more fired up than when you arrived (and can’t wait for the next one)
  • Home workouts for when you have manly business that you just can’t miss
  • Diverse team of all shapes and sizes who are united in a common goal so you'll be one of us right from the start
  • Mainly using kettlebells and bodyweight as these are the most dignified way to gaining unbeatable strength not to mention exceptional stamina so you have more energy to go about your manly day (and still have some left in the tank for the evening) <-- if you get my drift


If for some reason you don’t feel or see any change during the 14 day trial or are unhappy in any way then we will refund every penny. We will only ask one question. What’s wrong with you?

Who This ISN’T For

This program isn’t for everyone. We require 100% commitment to ensure you gain incredible strength & fitness and that solid body that will make you look and feel more confident.

If you’ve managed to get this far and still don’t know what to do then it’s likely that you aren’t ready to step up.

If you’re looking for ‘another generic fitness class’ then keep on looking, we’re for serious fellas only who know it takes more than a couple of star jumps to get strong

If you want to do a wide variety of exercises badly and increase your risk of injury then stay at your gym… they’ll happily take your money to help with this

 Any fool can get you sweaty but few coaches can actually make you stronger & fitter forever 

If you want to LEARN the principles behind intelligent training so nothing is left to chance

If you want to move better, look younger, exude confidence & have more energy to make it through your busy day (and still have some in the tank for bedtime)

If you want to become incredibly strong and have that hard body that you can bounce a coin off of then this is definitely for you